Mandela Day 2013 in Johannesburg

Mandela Day 2013

Bain Johannesburg once again took part in the annual Mandela Day on July 18th with 55 Bainies excitedly setting off to visit four different organisations in the local community for the afternoon. Bain Cares Johannesburg selected the following four sites based on where we could make the biggest impact and create lasting relationships:

  • Painting and games at Ekupholeni Trauma Centre
  • Mini-consulting to social impact entrepreneurs at The HUB
  • Painting a children’s home at 5Cees Children’s Care Centre
  • A brainstorming session at Tomorrow Trust, an educational non-profit, to kick-start our relationship and brainstorm ways in which Bain can provide on-going support

A group of Bainies took to the road and headed to Ekupholeni Trauma Centre, where they refurbished counselling rooms and donated soccer equipment, which was then used to play a game of soccer with the high-school boys. Ekupholeni provides psycho-social counselling to victims of trauma and Bainies felt that they were able to help the centre provide the right environment for the therapy and counselling needed for teenage boys on or over the edge of crime.

Bainies also continued their work with a social innovation incubator, The HUB, which supports social entrepreneurs in Johannesburg. It’s part of a global network of ‘HUBs’ that provide a workspace for entrepreneurs, create forums for innovation and connect the entrepreneurs with individuals who can help scale their social impact work. Bainies got to learn about the incredible projects that the passionate entrepreneurs are working on, such as producing biodiesel from waste vegetable oil, teaching young South Africans how to build sustainable businesses, selling vintage fashion online, investing in educational improvement and imparting experience to recent college graduates. The real fun began when entrepreneurs and Bainies broke off to brainstorm, and the entrepreneurs were able to have access to Bain’s collective wisdom, advice, and humour for a few hours. A lot of great ideas and next steps forward were generated. There was a strong commitment from the Bainies to reconnect and establish more long term relationships. As one of the Managers put it, “Everyone including the ACs gets to play partner for a day.”

There is an orphanage that is close to our hearts, as one of our own colleagues grew up at the 5Cees Care Centre. One of the children’s living areas was in desperate need of a paint job, and we brought in equipment and re-painted the rooms. Bainies all felt extremely inspired by the incredible job that this centre does in providing a much-needed home for so many children, and are eager to do more to get involved.

Finally, a diverse team of Bainies including several partners spent the afternoon at Tomorrow Trust, an educational non-profit that provides holistic educational support for orphaned and vulnerable children right from kindergarten to tertiary education. The team spent the afternoon brainstorming ways in which Bain can offer on-going support to help them think about how to grow over the next five years. The team also helped them to identify their most important success factors as well as the most critical areas of improvement. Bainies were very excited about the possibility of providing on-going support and advice to such an incredible organisation.

We celebrated back at the office at the end of the day by auctioning off a Nelson Mandela memorabilia shirt for charity, and reflecting on our small yet meaningful contributions on this great day.

– Cleo, Bain Johannesburg

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