Bain Dusseldorf and Learn Money Day: global initiative, local impact


Bain Dusseldorf  joined the 2013 Learn Money Week initiative given the great feedback for the pilot project in 2012, and Bainies in the Dusseldorf office jumped at the chance to participate in Learn Money Day for the second year in a row.

Teachers for a day: One Friday earlier this Spring, Dusseldorf Bainies entered the classrooms of two elementary schools and discussed basic financial concepts with more than 150 third grade students.  The concepts included spending, saving, investing and donating. As a teaching tool and to increase long-term effectiveness, the Bain “teachers” brought along a bright red piggy bank for each of the students to take home.

Both students and Bain teachers had an informative and memorable time.  It’s unclear  who enjoyed the morning most…The children were eager to discuss the different uses of money and had a particularly great time “designing” and “feeding” their piggy banks. For the Bain teachers, on the other hand, it was an inspiring experience with several funny, but also challenging moments (the question of which is more difficult, talking in front of 25 children or an executive board, was hotly debated afterwards).

Learn Money is an annual, global initiative that was launched in 2008 and is led by Young Global Leaders. It aims to reduce the rate of debt among youth by improving the knowledge of financial and economic topics.  During one week in March 2013, concurrent activities to increase financial literacy took place in Turkey, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Ghana, Costa Rica, Zambia, the U.S. as well as many other countries and addressed more than 27,000 young people.

Bain Dusseldorf is proud to have been a part of this global effort.  The Bain teachers will return to their classes in a few weeks to recap the concepts and have the students share their personal experiences.

– Julia, Consultant, Dusseldorf

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