Bain Partners with Teach For America – part 2

Teach For America

As part of the Teach For America case team, I’ve had the opportunity to visit with and learn from a half-dozen reform-minded school districts and Charter Management Organizations (CMOs) over the past few months.  We’ve traveled across time zones to meet with organizations that have ranged from large urban districts early in their reform journey to regional CMOs that are poised for growth – and everything in between!

During each visit, we looked to understand one overarching question:  How can organizations ensure that every school has a great school leader?

There are many ways to think about and try to address this challenge, but as a management consulting firm, Bain is in a unique position to think about this question from a talent development perspective.  Bain has done extensive work with diverse global clients on HR management and building talent pipelines.  In the last few weeks we’ve met with superintendents, principals, HR leaders, recruiting teams and CMO leaders to name a few.  Along the way, we’ve worked to identify best practices across organizations and to leverage prior Bain experiences to construct high impact recommendations that districts and CMOs can use nationwide to build better talent pipelines into the principal role.

Our next step is to wrap-up a national survey that we’re conducting in a dozen organizations nationally in order to build a fuller picture of current leadership pipelines in education.  We will then combine our on-the-ground learnings with the survey data to create our upcoming publication on the topic.

Stay tuned!

– Kendall, Consultant, New York

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