Shaping the change the world needs

Camping overnight

As the snow covered tops of the Antarctic landscape recede into the distance I have been overcome by a sense of how far we have come and, more importantly, how far we still have to go.

Hopefully the team’s prior posts have given you a sense of our experiences over the last fortnight – of the spectacular scenery and the inspirational people we have met – and I can only add that if you ever get a chance to visit, you must. Visiting Antarctica adds a sense of perspective about our place on earth that cannot be conveyed by words or images.

And I believe that, at least in some small way, this Bain team has contributed to its preservation come 2041.

We set out last month with the explicit goal of helping participants on the expedition to achieve results when they returned home. Through a series of workshops to the entire group and a colossal amount of 1-on-1 conversations, I believe we have successfully helped set participants up for success.

The framework of an Individual Results Plan for each team member to complete was simply a mechanism through which the Bain team could help illustrate the range of issues that must be tackled in order to achieve change, wherever and whatever you want that to be. Define your project clearly, put together a compelling story to motivate those around you, figure out who your key stakeholders are and put together a plan. These are the building blocks around which the Bain Results Delivery program is based and they are the fundamental building blocks that I would encourage anyone taking on a project to think about closely.

What I have found most fulfilling and inspiring about the expedition was the chance to help a series of wonderfully talented and passionate individuals to achieve their goals – be it an Australian student who wants to make her university 100% renewable, a Swedish environmental journalist who wants to mobilize her audience to pursue their own environmental ambitions, or a UK utilities employee who has grand energy efficiency ambitions for the whole country. For Bainies to work alongside participants and to learn about themselves whilst helping shape the change the world needs is incredibly exciting!

The fact that Bain has supported this project is a testament to our culture.  I have now personally experienced how our company helps its people to pursue their passions.  Bain helped ship five of its team off to lend their skills to a goal that each of them is passionate about.

It is also a cause that we are passionate about as a firm.  Bain is committed to helping clients embed sustainability into their everyday business practices. This expedition has served to bring home to me why this is so important. We live in a closed system where resources are finite and human wants are infinite. There has to be a way to square the circle, and business plays a fundamental role in achieving this. We are committed to being part of that solution.



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