Making a mark in Antarctica and beyond…

Bain in Antarctica

It has been difficult to share all of our experiences while on the boat – but we plan to share more once we are back on land.  I can say with certainty, however, that Antarctica has left an indelible impression on each of us. As we draw near the end of our expedition, I wanted to summarize the impact that this expedition and the 2041 Foundation can have on our global community. In addition to illustrating and informing the participants across diverse topics of leadership, climate change and sustainability, this expedition has generated or strengthened over seventy social impact projects around the globe.

Bain & Company has been given the opportunity to help shape the plans for each of these projects. We have trained all of the participants in our Results Delivery® framework and tool kit. We have spent several hours in one on one sessions challenging and supporting the compelling story behind each project as well as helping people to identify the sponsorship spine they need to engage when they get home.  We have helped to instill the discipline of needing an achievable plan in order to build momentum and energy behind an idea. The most fascinating part of our challenge has been to identify the one or two key behaviors we are seeking to change.

Our work does not stop tomorrow. We will have 30 and 100 day check-ins with those who value our support. Having bundled the 70 or so projects by genre, there are five main groups. Split roughly into categories of education, corporate sustainability, reduction, recycling and re-use. Projects include the following :

  • Nepal – the Himalayas: how to remove and reuse 400,000 PET soft drinks bottles left on the ground on the way to Everest Base Camp each year
  • Hong Kong and then global: how to encourage people to use grey bath or shower water to flush the toilet – just once a day could save 10% of water consumption and up to 30% of energy consumption in water purification plants
  • Spain – how to improve a cosmetics manufacturer’s supply chain to increase its sustainability
  • Oman, Botswana and India – how to introduce sustainability into school curriculums

There are over 65 other projects. We hope the impact of this expedition and the resulting projects will be seen and felt across the globe.  And may this be another giant step forward in helping Robert and the 2041 team make as much of an impact on Antarctica as Antarctica has made on us.

– Sam

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