First day in Ushuaia with the 2041 team

Ushuaia panoramic

Ushuaia was beautiful this morning. Despite jetlag, we missed the sunrise as we were dead to the world through sheer exhaustion. But the view from our window is due east down the Beagle Channel – with Argentina to the North and Chile to the south. We took a panoramic shot so you can see how the mountains stop dramatically with this tiny port nestling at the end of the Sound.

We were working this morning – meeting with the Expedition Leaders, Robert Swan and Gareth Wood, to hear their aspirations for the trip and how they want us, Bain, to deliver for them. We learned that we are underpinning the entire agenda, challenged with not presenting too much too soon and baffling the audience – many of whom will be overcoming jetlag and culture shock as well as language barriers, sea sickness and possibly even homesickness. We learned about the flexibility and fluidity that we will need to have. After all we will have 20 year olds as well as pensioners on the trip. There are folks coming from all over the world – here is just a selection of the countries represented: Oman, Saudi Arabia, Botswana, Australia and Denmark.

We discussed the other members of the 2041 team who we can support with our messages and vice versa. Kyle, the Expedition Cameraman explained how he can really help shape people’s storytelling with his advice on photography and film. How to capture the right shot or footage and package it up in a compelling way that will capture people’s imagination and not lose them in an avalanche of photos and slide shows.

It was really interesting to see our Results Delivery framework in action even within the team. This whole approach is new to 2041, they themselves are having to change their behavior and modus operandi to accommodate us. We have agreed on the compelling story as to why we want to enhance the experience for people on this, the 11th time they have embarked on the expedition.

This morning we really began to engage our supporter/sponsorship spine. It was interesting, because until now we would not have known who it was we really needed to have ‘on side’. Sure the leaders are critical, but so is the cameraman and in fact, Jason, the team leader of all activities and experiential learning is a critical person to have on board – recognizing this, we are getting together tomorrow with him. It means we will create an achievable plan for what and how to deliver our main messages over the next fortnight.

In a small way, even the preparation for this trip and our programme, has been a mini Results Delivery project. It seemed helpful to point this out to everyone today as it showed them in a very real way how relevant and straightforward our framework is.

The rest of the content moderators fly in late tonight, so tomorrow is all about understanding their content and agreeing on the thread and transitions between each ‘lecture’ so that we can relate it back to the core agenda and make it relevant to everyone. Can you believe that we are then only 12 hours away from it all starting and our first introductory session with the full group on the trip?

Tomorrow – we are going to talk about personal sustainability and the advice we have been given on how to manage our energy levels in the next fortnight. We have a great deal of coaching and materials to convey to potentially over 90 individuals whilst at the same time experiencing an assault on our own senses in the inspirational environment of Antarctica.

– Sam

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