Bain Antarctica 2013: achieving the extraordinary


It’s amazing what a person can achieve.  Take Ben for instance, an AC in Bain London.  A few years back, he joined an expedition to Antarctica that inspired him and changed his life.   He made a commitment to Robert Swan (the first man to walk to both poles) and to 2041 ( to spread the message to SAVE ANTARCTICA.  He joined Bain with this mission, and in the summer of 2012 engaged with Partners at the London office to put his plan into action.  I represent one of the 5 team members joining the Inspire Antarctica Expedition 2013.  Thanks to Ben, our lives are going to be irrevocably changed too.

It sounds fairly easy when I put it like that – joining Bain, reaching out to a few partners, gathering a team of passionate adventurers and waving them off to ‘the world’s last great wilderness’.  In reality, this was not a simple task.  That our ‘youth team’ – myself and Subash – will be able to set sail tomorrow evening is testament to the team’s commitment (both as a group and individually), Bain’s financial and moral support and the encouragement and funding from our friends, family, colleagues and kind sponsors.

Raising the necessary funds for the journey in only two months was certainly a challenge, but this was a grassroots idea that excited people.  Sending 5 Bainies with a passion for sustainability and inspirational leadership to Antarctica has never been done before.  ‘You’re going WHERE?!’ was a common response to our enthusiastic pitch.  In true Bain style our colleagues got behind us and supported us.  They bought our raffle tickets, bid in the Auction of Promises and stayed committed to ‘never letting another Bainie fail’.

Team Antarctica is comprised of a varied bunch of individuals from different levels, roles and Bain offices.  In the ‘Youth Team’ we have Subash, a Senior Associate Consultant and me, Harriet, an EA assistant.  We’re both based in the London office along with Sam, Director of Operations and Neysa, Principal.  Sam and Neysa combine with Prateek, a manager from the New Delhi office, to make up the Leadership Team.  I asked each team member to explain a little bit about themselves:


Subash: Climate Change and Sustainability are two topics whose importance most acknowledge, and whose grave impact on our future many of us recognise. But our lives are busy and we have other issues to focus on. To avoid falling into that trap, I want to make tackling these issues part of my career. I’m sure that Inspire Antarctica will help me develop the skills and passion necessary to do this, as well as providing an extraordinary platform to help others achieve the same.

Harriet:  I love to travel and am driven by a passion to lead an extraordinary life.  So when I saw a poster go up in the London office advertising an expedition to Antarctica, I knew I was going to give it my all to get on the trip!  I have no doubt the experience will amaze and inspire me, but I’m also hoping it will equip me with the skills I need to inspire others, to encourage the change needed to make the world a more sustainable place.  You’ll see my thoughts reflected in my application video, below:


Sam: I spotted Ben’s photoshopped Shackleton advert on the walls in the office. Intrigued, I found out more and realised that this was a chance in a lifetime. Come what may, I had to be on the boat!  I am excited about stepping out into the unknown, having a vast range of new experiences and being out of my usual comfort zone. I could say I was equally terrified of these three things too.

Neysa: Change started as a part of my job, which then became my career, and has since turned into my passion. I believe that by helping organisations change (through Results Delivery®), we are improving people’s lives – in the workplace, in the community, and at home. With the Antarctica expedition, I hope that we are able to help others change to make our world a better place, and personally I hope to learn a lot to pursue my other passions for the environment and animal welfare.

Prateek: I decided to apply for this expedition after hearing Robert Swan talk about it.  I want to equip myself better to fight for a more sustainable environment, especially to understand how “green” can also be more profitable for corporations to encourage its adoption.

So there you have it, 5 very different Bainies with the drive to pursue our passions.  We’re just 24 hours away from departure now and I for one am buzzing with excitement, my mind racing with questions.  What will it be like? Who else will be on the expedition? What will I learn?  Over the next three weeks we will be blogging live from the ice, so follow our journey as I find the answers to these questions!

I think I can say on behalf of the whole team that we’re raring to go.  Antarctica, here we come!

– Harriet

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