Returning home after the 2012 One Young World Conference

Just returned from One Young World 2012! What an amazing conference with an incredible group of Bainies and current and future leaders!

Over the last few days, delegates were exposed to some of the world’s most influential leaders, including Bill Clinton, Muhammad Yunus, Paul Polman and many many more. Guest speakers and delegates were able to engage in thought provoking discussions and debates about some of the world’s most pressing problems and potential solutions. The conference definitely made one thing extremely clear… today’s youth are incredibly powerful and have the ability to change the future by taking actions now. As Jessica Jackley (founder of KIVA) aptly put it: “You don’t need to go elsewhere to find the solution, you are the solution. Make it happen!”

I am grateful to Bain & Company for the opportunity to attend OYW! Based on the experience and the fellow Bainies who joined me, it further confirms Bain’s commitment to social impact. Bain invests in young leaders and enables them to grow both personally and professionally, and I have experienced it firsthand in many ways – even beyond the One Young World Conference.

I believe strongly in investing in mentorship and development of young female leaders. Earlier this year, I approached the Bain Johannesburg office leaders with a proposal for a Women@Bain hosted conference at the University of Cape Town. I was quickly given full Bain support and funding to lead and host the event. The conference granted 60 high quality female students the opportunity to network and engage with some of South Africa’s top female leaders on issues around career development and pursing one’s passions. Similarly, the 5 other Bain & Company Delegates who attended OYW with me (Agata, Jelena, Charles, Dan and Junna) have also received full Bain & Company support to pursue their social impact passions while at Bain to make a tangible impact today, towards a better future tomorrow.

Looking forward to OYW 2013 in Johannesburg!

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