Bainies arrive at the 2012 One Young World conference #BainOYW

I’m one of the first delegates to arrive at the One Young World conference in Pittsburgh. I’ve already met a social entrepreneur from Costa Rica and an inventor from Russia, and former president Bill Clinton is opening the conference later today. What an opportunity!

I’m here because I’m passionate about social impact, and so is Bain. Working at Bain & Company for two years has made it clear that social impact is part of our DNA and business can make a positive contribution to global and development issues. I’ve already found many ways to get involved and make a tangible difference through Bain – from grassroots volunteering to pro bono case work for a homeless charity. I’m now undertaking a 9-month externship at the Private Equity Foundation (PEF), focusing on connecting business to charities in order to scale up their work with disadvantaged young people to transform their life chances.

Over the next four days at the conference, I’m looking forward to meeting fellow Bainies from 5 other global offices, as well as learning all I can from the other delegates from around the world who are doing outstanding work. Most of all, I want to find projects with measurable results to bring back to PEF and Bain & Company.

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One Response to Bainies arrive at the 2012 One Young World conference #BainOYW

  1. Russ says:

    Thanks for representing Bain and highlighting your passion for social impact. We have London, Johannesburg, Chicago, San Francisco, Sydney and Tokyo all directly represented at the conference but you have 49 Bain offices cheering what you are doing! We look forward to hearing and learning more.

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